602 Medical Visa

Who Can Apply?

1. Individuals intending to receive medical treatment or consultation in Australia.

2. Individuals intending to donate organs to someone in Australia.

3. Individuals intending to support patients or organ donors holding this visa.

4. Individuals intending to accompany someone receiving medical treatment to Australia.

5. Individuals intending to come to Australia under arrangements made by the Western Province of Papua New      Guinea and the Queensland Department of Health.

6. Individuals aged 50 or older in Australia, refused an Australian permanent visa solely for health reasons, and        not suitable to depart Australia.

Visa Application Fee

1.Free if applying from outside Australia.

2.AUD360.00 if applying from within Australia. The visa is free if representing a foreign government.

The core of this visa consists of two elements:
Medical Documents If applying for this visa for medical treatment or organ donation, a letter from your treating doctor in Australia is required. This letter should include your health condition, required treatment, duration of treatment, and an estimate of associated costs.

Financial Documents Proof of sufficient funds to cover your treatment expenses and living costs in Australia is required.

If intending to receive treatment in a public hospital, a letter regarding payment arrangements must come from the hospital's financial officer or administrative department, ensuring that your treatment will not cause detriment to Australians.

If unsure about eligibility, feel free to contact us for an assessment.

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