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Our History

In 2003, Newpoint Migration and Education was established, during the period of large-scale skilled immigration in Australia (started in 2001)


Registered Australia M.Z. Holdings Pty Ltd and Newpoint Migration and Business Consulting. At the same time,establish a regular office for business in Melbourne.


January 2005

Our company has successfully applied to become the electronic visa qualification agent of the Department of Immigration of Australia. As the first batch of service companies which provides fast application for student e-visa.



January 2006

Newpoint Migration and Business Consulting has set up a branch office in Qingdao to provide face-to-face immigration and study abroad consultation for mainland customers.
And it was recommended by Shandong Famous Study Abroad Forum as one of the most authoritative immigrant study abroad companies in Shandong.


February 2007

The company cooperates with many large domestic immigration and study abroad companies to provide professional immigration application services for their customers


June 2007

The company cooperates with Charlie Shen and Associate which a famous local accounting firm in Melbourne, Jointly provide customer with accounting and auditing requirements for investment immigration, as well as all kinds of financial services required by company registration, business purchase, quarterly tax return and so on after arriving in Australia.


May 2008

The newpoint was further expanded market, and moved to Collins Street, the first street in Melbourne, the center of the city. The new office was located at Level 12, 350 Collins Street, Melbourne.



January 2009

Newpoint has further developed the immigration and study abroad markets in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Vietnam, established Newpoint Start Kandel Consultantand Raj was hired as the lead manager. He is proficient in four markets and local languages and can provide professional immigration and study abroad services to clients.


April 2010

The Newpoint Accounting Firm was established to provide professional services for the company audit of 163,164,165 and other overseas investment immigrants, as well as the registration, Tax Return and other local accounting services of local companies investing immigrants.


September 2014

Newpoint officially settled in the new home. 500 square meters of office area to provide customers with more spacious consulting environment, higher quality of intimate service, and to create a more comfortable office environment for employees. At the same time, the team of nine full-time immigration lawyers is standing on a higher point to build the company into the largest and most powerful immigration and study institution in Australia.


June 2016

The company decided to formally set up a branch in Sydney. In order to make it easier for customers to visit the company, it purchased a 270-square-meter spacious office on Dixon Street, Sydney. Newpoint will continue to maintain high-quality professional services and realize the immigrant dream of more Chinese people.


May 2019

In May 2019, New Start decided to set up a branch in Tasmania

In response to the Australian government's policy of developing remote areas and at the same time providing applicants with more options, the company established a team in Tasmania.


July 2019

Brisbane branch to help more customers enter Queensland, the sunshine state. As the host of the 2032 Olympic Games, Queensland will surely attract more investment immigrants, skilled immigrants and other groups to settle down


March 2020

The company officially settled in Shanghai and Qingdao, China, and established a company at the same time. As the epidemic relieved, we hope to communicate face -to -face exchanges with local customer groups in China and provide professional services.


June 2023

Newpoint officially established our branch in Changsha in Jun 2023, mainly providing study abroad services in mainstream English-speaking countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, helping numerous students secure their desired offers.


Higher, larger, more professional

The newpoint is in the development of 19 years, because the company has always adhered to the goal of "higher, larger, more professional", with the spirit of "professional, excellence, and leading" as the work spirit to meet customer needs to provide 360 degrees 360 degrees The service is the concept, so it has won the trust and support of customers. In the future, the new starting point will continue to bring better service experience to new and old customers with its excellent service quality and excellent service attitude


Founder Kevin Ma

Mr. Kevin Ma With 20 years of professional service experience that has led the largest immigration agent team in Australia to strive for the best interests for applicants. Up to now, he has obtained student visas, technical immigration visas, work visas, employer nomination visas, investment immigration visas and other permanent residence visas for tens of thousands of applicants in Australia.


The firm currently has the strongest consulting team in Australia

Twelve professional full -time licensed immigration agents,

sixteen professional immigration study consulting experts, two senior third -level translation and investment consultants, and two Australian registered lawyers assist.


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