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Introduction to Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) visa

For individuals holding the temporary 482 (TSS) visa, the key concern is often how to transition to Permanent Residency (PR) through employer sponsorship. Today, we will provide an overview of the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) visa, Permanent Residency visa. 

The Subclass 186 visa has two streams: 186DE and 186TRT. The main distinction between these two streams can be summarized as follows:


186DE (Direct Entry): This stream allows applicants to bypass the 482 visa step and apply directly for the 186 visa. It is suitable for those who do not currently hold a 482 visa and can be nominated directly by their employer for the 186 visa.

186TRT (Temporary Residence Transition): This stream requires applicants to first apply for and obtain the 482 visa. After working with the sponsoring employer for a minimum of two years under the 482 visa, applicants can then transition to the 186 visa. This pathway involves initially working on a temporary visa before securing permanent residency.

These two streams provide options for applicants in different situations. For those nominated directly by their employer, 186DE offers a more direct route, while 186TRT is a common pathway for individuals already holding the 482 visa.

Subclass 186 - Employer Nomination Scheme visa (PR)

Application Process:

Nomination Application → Visa Application

These two applications can be submitted concurrently. There is no need to wait for the outcome of one application before submitting the next one.

Company Requirements:

No specific requirements for the company, except for certain occupations (e.g., accounting).

Nomination Requirements:

The nominated position must be genuine, with an annual salary of at least AUD 70,000.

Applicant Requirements (186DE):

Age below 45.

Nominated occupation is on the long-term list and meets skill requirements.

English proficiency at a score of at least 6 in each component (IELTS or other equivalent English test).

Three years of full-time work experience in the nominated occupation.

Successful completion of a skills assessment for the nominated occupation.

Applicant Requirements (186TRT):

Age below 45.

English proficiency at a score of at least 6 in each component.

Work for the employer for 2 years after obtaining a 482 visa.

Common Questions About Subclass 186 Visa:

Is the three years of work experience required to be accumulated with the sponsoring employer?

No, the three years of work experience does not necessarily have to be accumulated with the employer providing sponsorship. For example, an IT graduate who worked full-time for three years at Company A as a software engineer after graduation can still be sponsored by Company B for the nominated position of software engineer.


How long does it take to obtain PR through 186 visa?


For 186DE: Ideally, if the applicant has no work experience, they would need to work full-time for three years after graduation, have an employer provide sponsorship, submit the application, and the processing time is 6-12 months. The total time from starting work to obtaining PR is approximately 3.5-4 years.


For 186TRT: First, work for two years to meet the requirements of 482, then work for an additional two years after the new policy, then submit the 186 application, and the processing time is 6-12 months. The total time from starting work to obtaining PR is approximately 5-6 years.

Why apply for 186TRT if the processing time for 186DE is shorter?

There are various reasons why an individual may not qualify for 186DE, such as the occupation not being on the long-term list, unsuccessful skills assessment, insufficient work experience, etc. However, even if an applicant qualifies for 186DE, the main reason for applying for 186TRT is often the willingness of the employer. After obtaining 186DE, employers cannot easily enforce continued employment, which poses a financial risk. Therefore, many employers are cautious. Unless the applicant has already worked for the employer for several years during the 186DE application, or the applicant is nearing the age of 45, employers may be hesitant.

This concludes the information about Subclass 186. In the next installment, we will discuss the 494 visa, Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa.

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